Quarterly Reports

For this reason, you will find detailed information on Vita 34 on the following pages. A high level of transparency through extensive information is the goal of our quarterly statements. They provide a comprehensive actual picture of the financial situation of Vita 34.

For the correct display of the contents of the documents you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 and above.
DateDescriptionFormatFile Size
2024/05/31Quarterly Report Q1-2024PDF531 KB
2023/11/24Quarterly Report Q3-2023PDF1 MB
2023/08/31Half-yearly financial report 2023PDF1 MB
2023/05/31Quarterly Report Q1-2023PDF271 KB
2022/11/22Quarterly Report Q3-2022PDF537 KB
2022/08/30Half-yearly financial report 2022PDF606 KB
2022/05/31Quarterly Report Q1-2022PDF259 KB
2021/11/11Quarterly Report Q3-2021PDF181 KB
2021/08/31Half-yearly financial report 2021PDF256 KB
2021/05/31Quarterly Report Q1-2021PDF128 KB
2020/11/12Quarterly Report Q3-2020PDF149 KB
2020/08/27Half-yearly financial report 2020PDF224 KB
2020/05/14Quarterly Report Q1-2020PDF122 KB
2019/11/21Quarterly Report Q3-2019PDF142 KB
2019/08/29Half-yearly financial report 2019PDF358 KB
2019/05/09Quarterly Report Q1-2019PDF240 KB
2018/11/22Quarterly Report Q3-2018PDF2 MB
2018/08/30Half-yearly financial report 2018PDF5 MB
2018/05/09Quarterly Report Q1-2018PDF113 KB
2017/11/23Quarterly Report Q3-2017PDF237 KB
2017/08/30Half-yearly financial report 2017PDF1.81 MB
2017/05/16Quarterly Report Q1-2017PDF554 KB
2016/11/21Quarterly Report Q3-2016PDF680 KB
2016/08/23Quarterly Report Q2-2016PDF5 MB
2016/05/25Quarterly Report Q1-2016PDF534 KB
2015/11/12Quarterly Report Q3-2015PDF3 MB
2015/07/23Quarterly Report Q2-2015PDF2 MB
2015/04/23Quarterly Report Q1-2015PDF2 MB
2014/10/23Quarterly Report Q3-2014PDF2 MB
2014/07/24Quarterly Report Q2-2014PDF2 MB
2014/04/24Quarterly Report Q1-2014PDF1 MB
2013/10/24Quarterly Report Q3-2013PDF3 MB
2013/07/25Quarterly Report Q2-2013PDF2 MB
2013/04/25Quarterly Report Q1-2013PDF851 KB
2012/10/30Quarterly Report Q3-2012PDF1 MB
2012/07/19Quarterly Report Q2-2012PDF317 KB
2012/04/26Quarterly Report Q1-2012PDF871 KB
2011/10/17Quarterly Report Q3-2011PDF1 MB
2011/07/18Quarterly Report Q2-2011PDF2 MB
2011/04/18Quarterly Report Q1-2011PDF672 KB
2010/10/14Quarterly Report Q3-2010PDF345 KB
2010/07/13Quarterly Report Q2-2010PDF242 KB
2010/04/15Quarterly Report Q1-2010PDF177 KB
2009/10/14Quarterly Report Q3-2009PDF349 KB
2009/07/14Quarterly Report Q2-2009PDF277 KB
2009/04/15Quarterly Report Q1-2009PDF1 MB
2008/10/13Quarterly Report Q3-2008PDF594 KB
2008/07/14Quarterly Report Q2-2008PDF421 KB
2008/04/14Quarterly Report Q1-2008PDF319 KB
2007/10/15Quarterly Report Q3-2007PDF963 KB
2007/07/17Quarterly Report Q2-2007PDF531 KB
2007/04/30Quarterly Report Q1-2007PDF337 KB

In August 2011 Vita 34 AG was merged with the 100 percent parent company VITA 34 International AG. The name of the merged organization is Vita 34 AG.