Annual Reports

On this page you will find the financial reports of Vita 34. Based on extensive information within the scope of the financial reports, we are pursuing the goal of communicating a transparent depiction of the business situation of Vita 34.

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Annual Reports and Financial Statments of the Vita 34

DateDescriptionFormatFile Size
2024/04/30Annual Report 2023PDF5 MB
2023/04/30Annual Report 2022PDF2 MB
2022/04/30Annual Report 2021PDF2 MB
2021/03/30Annual Report 2020PDF1 MB
2020/03/23Annual Report 2019PDF1 MB
2019/03/28Annual Report 2018PDF1 MB
2018/03/28Annual Report 2017PDF5 MB
2017/03/30Annual Report 2016PDF5 MB
2016/03/30Annual Report 2015PDF5 MB
2015/03/26Annual Report 2014PDF3 MB
2014/03/27Annual Report 2013PDF1 MB
2013/03/28Annual Report 2012PDF2 MB
2012/03/21Annual Report 2011PDF3 MB
2011/03/24Annual Report 2010PDF2 MB
2010/02/25Annual Report 2009PDF677 KB
2009/02/27Annual Report 2008PDF2 MB
2008/02/15Annual Report 2007PDF2 MB
2007/04/30Financial Statement 2006*PDF409 KB

Financial Statments of the Vita 34

DateDescriptionFormatFile Size
2024/04/30Financial Statement 2023 (German)PDF1 MB
2023/04/30Financial Statement 2022 (German)PDF1 MB
2022/04/30Financial Statement 2021 (German)PDF1 MB
2021/03/30Financial Statement 2020 (German)PDF845 KB
2020/03/23Financial Statement 2019 (German)PDF743 KB
2019/03/28Financial Statement 2018 (German)PDF674 KB
2018/03/28Financial Statement 2017 (German)PDF928 KB
2017/03/30Financial Statement 2016 (German)PDF1 MB
2016/03/30Financial Statement 2015 (German)PDF1 MB
2015/03/26Financial Statement 2014 (German)PDF1 MB
2014/03/27Financial Statement 2013 (German)PDF800 KB
2013/03/28Financial Statement 2012 (German)PDF470 KB
2012/03/21Financial Statement 2011 (German)PDF470 KB
2011/03/24Financial Statement 2010 (German)PDF419 KB
2010/02/25Financial Statement 2009 (German)PDF384 KB
2009/02/27Financial Statement 2008PDF224 KB
2008/02/15Financial Statement 2007PDF190 KB

In August 2011 Vita 34 AG was merged with the 100 percent parent company VITA 34 International AG. The name of the merged organization is Vita 34 AG.

* The VITA 34 International AG was not yet quoted on the stock exchange in 2006 and has partly made use of the size-related simplified system available for small corporations. For that reason, there is no financial report for 2006. A business report was not issued. That is why you will find here for 2006 the consolidated financial statement as per December 31, 2006.