Declaration of Conformity

The Management Board and Supervisory Board of Vita 34 AG orient themselves with regard to their activities on the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code. This regulatory work drafted and amended by the Government Commission of the Federal Republic of Germany encompasses the pertinent legal provisions, as well as the internationally and nationally recognized standards of corporate governance. Here, the goal is to ensure good corporate governance and control, and to make rules applicable here in Germany transparent to both domestic and international investors.

Here you can find the Declaration of Conformity in Accordance with § 161 German Stock Corporation Act [AktG]:

DateDescriptionFormatFile Size
2023/03/29Declaration of Conformity 2023PDF126 KB
2022/03/29Declaration of Conformity 2022PDF132 KB
2021/03/29Declaration of Conformity 2021PDF99 KB
2020/03/20Declaration of Compliance 2020PDF95 KB
2019/03/25Declaration of Compliance 2019PDF96 KB
2018/03/26Declaration of Compliance 2018PDF168 KB
2017/03/27Declaration of Compliance 2017PDF86 KB
2016/03/21Declaration of Compliance 2016PDF163 KB
2015/03/19Declaration of Compliance 2015PDF167 KB
2014/03/13Declaration of Compliance 2014PDF167 KB
2013/03/28Declaration of Compliance 2013PDF40 KB
2012/03/28Declaration of Compliance 2012PDF154 KB
2011/04/23Declaration of compliance 2011PDF35 KB
2010/02/26Declaration of compliance 2010PDF32 KB
2009/02/27Declaration of compliance 2009PDF31 KB
2007/07/16Declaration of compliance 2007PDF27 KB