Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Code of Conduct of Vita 34 AG

As a leading company for the storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord, we are convinced of the progress in medicine and the associated growing opportunities for people’s health. We will complement our leading role in stem cell banking with the contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) of innovative cell- and gene-based drugs and thus make an important contribution to progress in healthcare. This is what we are committed to.

In a world that is constantly changing and in which competition is intense, it is crucial that we concentrate on what is truly important to us at Vita 34 AG (hereinafter referred to as Vita 34). Our values. They serve as a guideline for our business activities and remind us of what Vita 34 stands for. Reliability, credibility, openness, honesty and respect are the principles according to which our employees behave towards each other, as well as in their dealings with all customers* and other parties involved.

We are committed to complying with legal regulations and ethical principles. Our Code of Conduct defines the framework within which we as employees of Vita 34 operate in order to comply with legal and internal regulations. In this way, our Code of Conduct contributes to the protection of the company and each individual employee.

Our Code of Conduct serves as a guideline for living our values and obligations throughout the entire company and anchoring them in all of our actions. It helps us to make responsible and ethical decisions in critical situations. Only by fully complying with our Code of Conduct and all applicable laws and regulations can we maintain our claim to be a leader in stem cell technology and earn the trust of our customers, investors, employees and stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct cannot cover every situation we may face. We must all ensure that we understand Vita 34’s policies and regulations and always adhere to high ethical standards in our work – even in situations that are not specifically listed in our Code of Conduct. We are always expected to approach such situations with integrity and reason and to base such decisions on our values. When in doubt, we speak openly about our concerns and seek advice and support.

*For reasons of better readability, the generic masculine is used for personal words.
masculine is used for personal terms. Corresponding terms apply to all genders in the interests of equal treatment.
all genders. The abbreviated form of language does not imply any judgement.