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Vita 34 was founded in Leipzig in 1997 and is today one of the leading cell banks in Europe. As the first private umbilical cord blood bank in Europe and a pioneer in cell banking, the company has since then been a complete provider of cryopreservation services for the collection, processing and storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue.

Based on the expansion of the business model in 2019, Vita 34 intends to also offer the storage of immune cells from peripheral blood as well as of stem cells from endogenous fat in the future. Endogenous cells are a valuable source of medical cell therapy and are kept alive at temperatures as low as minus 200 degrees Celsius to be used as part of a treatment when needed.

  • Market leadership

    More than 247,000 customers from more than 20 countries have already provided for their family’s health with a cell depot at Vita 34. Vita 34 continue to be one of Europe’s leading cell banks for umbilical cord blood. In Germany and the DACH region (DACH: Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Vita 34 are the market leader by a clear margin.

  • Objectives and Strategy

    Vita 34 AG is the pioneer of stem cell banking in Europe. In the future, the company is working on opening up new Business areas in addition to its core business of umbilical cord blood banking and thus developing into the European market leader in cell banking. To achieve this strategic goal and the associated growth, the Management Board has identified the following four core areas:

    New Research and Development Areas
    Through targeted research and development of marketoriented products and services, Vita 34 continues to develop from a pure stem cell bank to a more broadly based cell bank that can supply the best available patient’s own cells for current and future cell therapies. Vita 34 pursues a clearly focused innovation strategy by developing new products and services around the cryopreservation of stem cells from perinatal tissue or other suitable cell sources. To this end, the Company cooperates with selected renowned Research institutes and universities and, by storing different cell material, creates quality standards for later medical use. In this way, Vita 34 opens up the potential to benefit from the increasing demand for cryopreserved cell material for personalized use in the field of regenerative medicine or cell therapies in the future. In addition, the value chain is to be expanded to include products and services for the pharmaceutical industry or governmental organizations. Currently, the cryopreservation of immune cells from peripheral blood is being prepared. Vita 34 has successfully initiated in vitro studies for its cell Isolation process and the immune cells derived from it in 2020, which are expected to be completed by 2022.

    In all research & development activities, projects are selected on an economically reasonable scale, in line with market trends and with an adequate risk profile in the partnerships. In Addition to the current core business, Vita 34 continuously evaluates the need for new products for regenerative medicine (storage of adipose tissue as the starting point for mesenchymal stem cells and adipocytes) and for cell therapies (storage of T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, dendritic cells). The aim is to participate in the progress of further developments in the field of regenerative stem cell medicine and various immunoncological cell therapies in the medium and long term.

    Expansion of the Core Business
    Vita 34 traditionally focuses on organic growth as part of its corporate strategy. In recent years, the company has successfully pushed ahead with internationalization, as the current storage of umbilical cord blood from more than 20 countries proves. The company keeps on working on continuously increasing the market penetration in the highmargin core market DACH. At the same time, its market presence domestically and abroad is to be stabilized and expanded overall. For this purpose, Vita 34 has a broad product portfolio in the field of storage of umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue. The aim is to continuously expand the product range for stem cell deposits through active Portfolio and life cycle management.

    Inorganic Growth
    A further focus of the growth strategy is on vertical and horizontal acquisitions in Europe, which should strategically strengthen the market position according to clearly defined parameters and open up additional synergies, particularly in the areas of marketing and sales as well as production and administration. The vertical portfolio expansion strategy involves opportunistic acquisitions along the value chain or of companies with complementary product offerings. The horizontal market expansion strategy focuses on the selective entry into specific European markets.

    Ongoing Cost Efficiency
    Vita 34 continuously reviews all activities for their contribution to the current and future profitability of the Group. In order to secure future profitable growth on a sustainable basis, the Management Board will continue to examine further
    opportunities to increase cost efficiency.


  • Quality assurance and innovation leadership

    Der Name Vita 34 steht für die Einhaltung höchster Qualitätsstandards. Nur durch konsequente Qualitätssicherung kann Vita 34 diese Standards setzen und aufrechterhalten. Dies spiegelt sich auch in den vielfältigen Genehmigungen und Zulassungen wider, die dem Unternehmen die Innovationsführerschaft unter den Nabelschnurblutbanken in Europa sichern. So verfügt Vita 34 als einzige private Stammzellbank in Deutschland neben der Erlaubnis für die Einlagerung von Nabelschnurblut für autologe Zwecke zusätzlich über:

    • Genehmigungen und Zulassungen vom deutschen Bundesinstitut für Impfstoffe und biomedizinische Arzneimittel (Paul-Ehrlich-Institut) zur Abgabe von Nabelschnurblut-Präparaten zum therapeutischen Einsatz bei hämatologisch onkologischen Erkrankungen bei Geschwistern (familiär-allogene Anwendung) und für fremde Empfänger (allogene Anwendung)

    • die Erlaubnis zur Entnahme, Bearbeitung, Kryokonservierung und Lagerung von Nabelschnurgewebe aus Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz (DACH-Region) und Luxemburg

    • ein Patent vom Europäischen Patentamt (EPA) für ein Verfahren zur Desinfektion, Aufbereitung, Kryokonservierung und Zell-Isolierung von Nabelschnurgewebe und den darin enthaltenen Zellen. Vita 34 ist damit die derzeit einzige deutsche Stammzellbank, die nach allen geltenden Richtlinien sowohl Blut als auch Gewebe aus der Nabelschnur Neugeborener gewinnen und einlagern darf.

    • die erforderlichen Genehmigungen, den Kunden die Möglichkeit der Einlagerung und Abgabe zur therapeutischen Anwendung sowohl von Vollblut als auch von separiertem Blut aus der Nabelschnur anzubieten

    2018 erhielt Vita 34 die Akkreditierung nach dem international anerkannten NetCord-FACT-Standard (FACT-Akkreditierung). Das Zertifikat bestätigt, dass Vita 34 bei der Tätigkeit als Stammzellbank höchste Qualitätsstandards erfüllt. Die zugrunde liegenden Kriterien werden durch Mediziner aus einer Vielzahl von Ländern erarbeitet und gehen über die bereits strengen Bestimmungen der deutschen Behörden hinaus.

    Darüber hinaus erhielt Vita 34 2020 die Erlaubnis zur Entnahme und zur Herstellung von Fettgewebspräparaten für eine mögliche spätere Isolierung adulter Stammzellen. Die damit verbundene Produkteinführung von „AdipoVita“, das die Konservierung von Fettgewebe und der darin enthaltenen Stammzellen auch für Erwachsene ermöglicht, ist für 2021 geplant. Die erforderliche Vertriebspartnerschaft mit einer Klinikgruppe im Bereich der ästhetischen Medizin befindet
    sich bereits im Aufbau.


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