Annual General Meeting 2023


The Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders took place in Berlin on September 26th 2023.



Service & Info

April 2023Supervisory board reportPDF153 kB
April 2023Consolidated financial statements incl. combined management reportPDF3 MB
April 2023Annual financial statements (HGB) incl. combined management report (German)PDF1 MB
August 2023Article of association (German)PDF295 kB
August 2023Information according §125 of the German Stock Corporation Act (Table 3 section A-F)PDF204 kB
August 2023Proxy to third personPDF193 kB
August 2023Proxy and instruction to company proxiesPDF203 kB
August 2023Revocation of proxyPDF128 kB
August 2023Explanation of shareholder's rightsPDF201 kB
August 2023Information on data securityPDF24 kB